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Dutch Manor

Boutique hotel Cape Town

Boutique Hotel Cape Town Can be found situated near the CITCC in Cape Town ,The location of this incredibly beautiful Boutique hotel that is the only registered antique boutique hotel makes it easy for all guests visiting or travelling for business to beable to travel around more conveniently,Neighborhood parks,shops and restaurants. Visit the water front and enjoy the shops and dinning or take a table cart up the ever so popular Table Mountain, or hike up one of the amazing trails on offer such as the lions head.

The charming historical character of the Boutique hotel Cape Town has been captured through the architecture, You will notice that the architecture of the buildings in the area have been maintained through many decades. Boutique hotel Cape Town offers a memorable stay as boutique hotels offer you round the clock service, our staff are always on hand to see to your requirements and go above and beyond the call of duty. The individually themed rooms are draped in antique furnishes and art and take you on a journey through time. This antique hotel boast the collection of antiques dating back to 1812,sparing no expense the Antique boutique hotel decorated by interior decorators and designers working together to create it timeless beauty as it takes us on a journey back in time,

We at the Dutch Manor Boutique hotel offer all this and much more and are able to do thinks to the fact that we are not part of normal hotel accommodation hotels where you find that everything is quite standardized and very basic. the service of these accommodations are affected by the amount of people, by being a smaller holding there are less people and service are personalized to make your stay more pleasant unlike what you would expect to find at hotel accommodation that is part of that chain, at the boutique hotel intimately smaller holding accommodates less people and is considered boutique hotel due to the number of rooms.Any accommodation that offers more than 10 rooms is not a boutique hotel.

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