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The Brite smile teeth –whitening is known for its convenience and gentleness.  It is a teeth-whitening procedure that can dramatically enhance the appearance of the discolored and dull teeth.  The result that you can achieve with this procedure is instantly visible and safe.  At-home products will take longer time before you noticed a slight change aside from the fact that you cannot guarantee the safety of the product.  With Brite Smile Whitening Houston TX you will receive a careful monitoring and expert touch from the professionals.


What is Brite Smile Whitening Houston TX?


The Brite smile is a teeth-whitening procedure that utilizes the mixture of hydrogen-peroxide gel and a lamp that is especially designed to speed-up the process.  The Brite Smile Whitening Houston TX system is offering at least 15% concentration of the gel.  This gel contains a balanced pH level.  It is also designed to be compatible with our tooth enamel and have been formulated to properly respond to the activation lamp’s blue wavelength.  It also contains an adequate amount of water and glycerin that aims to prevent dehydration.  The light projected by the lamp is considered safe for the soft tissues, gums, skin and enamel and it is specially designed to properly illuminate the lower and upper portion of our teeth.


Treatment Planning


Before you even decide if the Brite Smile Whitening Houston TX procedure is ideal for you, the dentist will first conduct an extensive examination of the gums and the teeth.  There is also a possibility that the doctor will conduct a short interview about your lifestyle habit and oral hygiene to find out if you are an ideal candidate for this teeth-whitening procedure.  This will help both of you to determine what type of treatment is ideal for your case.


In some instances, the dentist will also ask you to undergo the Brite Smile Whitening Houston TX procedure first before conducting other cosmetic dental process like composite bonding and veneer.  This will guarantee that there will be a better match on your natural dentition and the restoration.  Contingent upon your personal goal and tooth condition, there are instances that the tooth-whitening solution would not be the ideal solution for you.


What to Expect During the Procedure


A regular dental cleaning will first be performed by the dentist before the Brite Smile Whitening Houston TX procedure.  The right concentration of the hydrogen-peroxide gel will then be applied, and the blue light will be focused in your tooth to activate the oxidation process.  While the light is being illuminated in your teeth, you may nap, listen to music or watch TV.  This will last for about three 20-minute gap.


Finally, you need to maintain the whitening effect of the Brite Smile Whitening Houston TX.  The dentist will probably ask you to avoid certain foods cola, red wine, coffee, and tea.  Tobacco can also create a stain in our teeth.  For additional information about the Brite Smile system, call Eclipse Whitening immediately.  They will guide you throughout the process and will make the process hassle-free and painless.

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